5 Best Compound Exercise for Building muscle size and strength.

Compound exercises involve multiple muscle groups at the same time. For example, a squat is a compound exercise that works the quadriceps, hamstring, glutes, and calves.
The biggest benefit of compound exercises is that they are an efficient use of your time. If somehow you have to manage time to exercise, you’ll hit more muscle groups and build more strength by focusing on compound exercises. And it also benefits in large concentrations of testosterone and growth hormone.

Other main benefits include

  • burning more calories
  • improving strength
  • gaining more muscle mass
  • elevating heart rate
  • improving flexibility
  • improving intramuscular coordination

The key is to build a weight-training program combined with compound exercises.

Compound Vs. Isolation Exercises

Exercises can be categorized as either compound, which involves multiple muscle groups such as the deadlift, bench press, squat, and overhead press, or isolation exercises, which are exercises that involve a single muscle group only such as biceps curl.

For the most time-efficient exercises, If somehow you have to manage time to exercise, you’ll stimulate more muscle groups and build more strength by focusing on compound exercises. compound exercises are recommended because a mere 5-6 compound exercises can stimulate all the major muscle groups in the body at once. Compound exercises create the greatest change in body composition in the shortest time, and they have the ability to develop the body proportionately.

Since compound exercises involve the use of multiple joints, more muscle groups are engaged and used per compound exercise than with other exercises.

On the other hand, the biceps curl is a single-joint exercise since only the elbow joint is involved. The biceps curl only works on one major muscle and is an isolated exercise.

The best way to get a quality workout that stimulates multiple muscle groups is through compound exercises, even without heavyweights. Compounds executed with even just a barbell and body weight, in a high-rep range, can provide a total-body, and muscle-building workout that puts any isolated exercises to shame.

Some people are afraid of performing a heavy workout of a compound exercise, but most people don't have to worry about that. Women, especially, do not frequent own enough of the hormone testosterone to accidentally build large muscles,

Overall, single-joint exercises are also not less significant than compound exercises, isolation exercises play a significant role in fitness, especially for body shape—but if your schedule is to reduce exercise time then compound exercises are good to go.

Compound Exercises For Huge Results:

For a robust compound workout, consider include these exercises into your routine. You can use heavyweights, or just as your body weight if needed.

EXERCISE 1: Barbell Squat

Tied for the primacy of lower-body exercise, the squat is at the top of the row as one of the best compound exercises. No exercise can beat squat if it is about lower body exercise.

EXERCISE 2: Barbell Deadlift

The deadlift's significance in lower-body muscle building can't be overemphasized, but it's also a great upper-body builder, so if you had to choose between the squat and the deadlift for all-around strength training, the deadlift exercise dethrones the squat.

EXERCISE 3: Barbell Lunges

Inclusive of squats and the deadlift, lunges rock for lower-body development and strength-building, hitting the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, back, and abs all at once.

EXERCISE 4: Barbell Bench Press

Watch your pectoral muscle. Developing the chest in no time. An incredible exercise for chest muscle. It will also tone your triceps.

EXERCISE 5: Wide-Grip Pull-ups

Observe the muscles of your back develop and take shape in no time at all with this awesome exercise for the back. You will be impressed with how your arms got toned without doing even one biceps curl.

EXERCISE 6: Over Head Shoulder Press

The overhead shoulder press is incredible for growing the shoulders, upper back, and neck, and for toning the triceps. The overhead press can also be performed with dumbells.

How Many Sets Should You Do?

If you're at the initial stage, one set of each exercise is enough for muscle fatigue, probably between 10-12 reps, is enough for a day's workout, using weights according to your strength.

The last few reps of each set should be challenging but shouldn't make you compromise your movement.
You can do this workout on alternative days to give your muscles some rest days.

It's best to ease into compound exercise over a period of a few weeks, make some good habits before increasing your weights. As you progress in strength and technique, extra sets of each exercise and more weight can be loaded.

You'll soon evaluate the best way to formation your fitness routine. Two days a week you can go light and only perform 4 of the exercises, 2 sets an exercise, and one day a week you go heavy, adding weight but only doing half the exercises, with more sets an exercise.

At some point in time, you can also start implementing to superset with pull-ups or chin-ups, which are also compound exercises, along with your weighted compound exercises.


Compound exercises are proven time-efficient muscle building exercises, so the next time you're tempted to back out of your workout because of short of time concerns, remember that you should be working smarter always not for longer. Combined with clean-eating, plenty of sleep, and a positive attitude, you'll see huge improvements in your fitness level!